Peanut Butter Banana Split

All I can say about this post is… OH … MY … GOD!!!  ♥♥♥

This yumminess doesn’t need much of an introduction or explanation, it speaks pretty much for its delicious self.

Yes, folks, occasionally I have a stroke of genius when I’m racking my brain to find a way to make something that looks and tastes like a cheat meal but it’s 100% guilt-free. Believe it or not this bad-boy actually fits my macros and it’s not only delicious, it’s filling and it cools you down in the summer heat. You can also totally improvise, use whatever you have at hand in your kitchen and make it as healthy or sinful as you wish.

To make one like mine you’ll need the following ingredients:

Delicious is an understatement!

Delicious is an understatement!




  • Cut your banana in half lengthwise and put on plate.
  • Use 3 strawberries on each side and 1 on each end to support the banana while you carefully fill the middle with a tbs. of peanut butter.
  • Top if off with blueberries and the calorie-free chocolate syrup.
  • To enjoy chilled, you can put it in the fridge or freezer for 10-15 min (if you can actually wait that long!) 😀
  • Enjoy!!! ♥


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