New domain. New Blog.

Dear friends,

After some thought and consideration, I’ve decided to move my blog (this blog) from wordpress to my own domain: I’ve had this domain for several years, and I’ve used it for marketing my own Zumba and personal training services. So I’ve been going back and forth between my domain and my beloved blog.

However it ocurred to me that I can’t always blog about my clean-eating recipes because when I’m dieting for competition, my calories are very restricted and my diet is quite uneventful, especially in the weeks leading up to the big day. So my new revamped blog will incorporate more than just my recipes, I will blog about my workout tips that help me get in competition shape quickly, functional workout gear that not only looks good, the foods and snacks that help me when I’m dieting, and much more! 🙂

I just launched my new blog yesterday and I hope that those of you who have been following this blog, will do me the kindness of checking it out and perhaps also following/subscribing to my new blog. No spam, I promise! 🙂

On the bright side, I am currently off-season so I will be whipping up tons of new clean-eating recipes now. I have so many ideas that I’ve been dying to try out!

So, please, swing by and check it out. I will be deleting this blog within the next week or so.

All the best! ❤



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