Taco Salad

As a red-blooded Mexican woman, I cannot tell you how much I crave some good Mexican food. ALL THE TIME! However I live in Denmark and authentic Mexican food hasn’t quite made it here yet. Perhaps some day *sigh*… Anyway, … Continue reading

Open-faced Omelette

Omelette’s are so delicious! I’m a big fan of omelettes at all hours of the day, not just for breakfast. I love a good omelette for lunch or dinner because they are so light and a great way to get … Continue reading

Healthy Mexican Salsa – Pico de Gallo recipe

Next time you are thinking of making some Mexican food, skip the store-bought salsa which is usually filled with sugar and all sorts of preservatives. Instead try to make your own, healthy and authentic Mexican salsa! It’s called “Pico de … Continue reading

Curry-lime Quinoa with Sautéed Kale, Mushrooms & Zucchini

This a quick, light and vegan dinner that I like for those evenings when I come home late from teaching and I know it’s too late in the evening to eat meat. But after a tough workout I need to … Continue reading

Guacamole & Sweet Potato Chips

This is a favorite in my house! It’s simple to make, it’s tasty and appropriate for almost every occasion! Sweet potatoes, also known as Yams, are a great source of vitamin B6, a vitamin known to reduce the risk of … Continue reading